Maroons Prospect Camp: Round Two

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Last weekend, the Maroons got a chance to host a second pair of one-day prospective camps. The camps, which sold out early, featured head coach Mike McGrath, the staff, and team showing high schoolers what the experience of playing basketball at the University of Chicago looks like, while also teaching skills and fundamentals to help campers improve.

Campers and their families had a chance to learn about the men’s basketball program, as well as the university itself.

“We were so glad to be able to host a second round of camp this offseason,” said coach McGrath. “From a basketball perspective, the kids got to go through drills and compete in games, which hopefully gave them an idea of what to expect from college ball. The coaching staff and our team were always available to spread knowledge on the program, and answer questions about attending the University of Chicago. The campers also walked away with fundamental information about the school and campus, via information sessions and campus tours.”

“We treat these camps differently than a lot of places – the focus is not on recruiting, but having fun playing the game with and against great guys from around the countryThe focus is on becoming a better player and developing connections with other players. This is an emphasis of our program and one that we enjoy sharing with the camper.”

A huge thank you to all the campers and their families that came out. Please check out the photo gallery above, for an inside look at what went on this weekend. Maroon pride!


Offseason Opportunities: Alex Gustafson

Alex Gustafson, Education and Training Intern at Belvedere Trading
Gustafson, on the brink of his senior year, is in his second year of work at Belvedere Trading.
“This summer, I am working as the Education and Training Intern at Belvedere Trading. I worked for Belvedere last summer and had a truly great experience, so I decided I wanted to come back and do it all over again.”
But there are still plenty of new things for Gustafson to learn this time around.
“I’m definitely looking forward to having a new role in the same company. I think it will hopefully help broaden my experience, while still enjoying the culture I already know I love, here at Belvedere.”

Offseason Opportunities: Tyler Howard

Tyler Howard, Investment Banking Summer Analyst with Stout Risius Ross

Howard, now a senior, is doing some investment banking this summer.

“This summer, I’m working as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst for Stout Risius Ross (SRR). Last summer I applied and got accepted into a three-day finance program at SRR. I was then offered an internship for summer 2016.”

So why did Howard want to get into investment banking in specific?

“I chose to get into investment banking because I wanted to try something new and challenging.”

And what is he most excited about, regarding this opportunity?

“During my time at SRR this summer, I look most forward to learning more about a wide range of different industries, as well as getting a hands on experience with several projects.”


Offseason Opportunities: Blaine Crawford

Blaine Crawford,  Summer Project Assistant at Sidley Austin LLP

Crawford, a returning senior, is doing work with a law firm this summer.

“I am working as a Summer Project Assistant at the law firm Sidley Austin LLP.  I chose this particular internship because I was interested in getting experience working in a law firm as well as insight into litigation, establishing connections in the field, and working with legal practitioners first hand.”

How did Crawford get this opportunity? And what is he most excited about?

“I was able to secure this great opportunity through networking. In terms of what I’m looking forward to most, I would say just learning from everyone around me, along with working on projects that I can see the outcomes in (ex. actual court cases). I was interested in getting a close look at the intersection between law, corporations, and politics and I feel that Sidley is one of the best places to do just that.”


Offseason Opportunities: Waller Perez

Waller Perez, Summer Intern with Ariel Investments
Perez, now a senior, is working in Chicago this summer.
“This summer I have acquired an internship with Ariel Investments. And fortunately, I was placed in Equity Research within the internship program.”
So why Ariel Investments?
“I chose this particular internship first, because it was in Chicago. Also, I believe it is going to give me an immense opportunity to learn about how to provide a recommendation in order to buy/sell a stock. Overall, I knew some of the skills I would learn could be applicable to other areas in finance likewise. I was able to secure this internship through networks within our basketball program and I am very thankful for this opportunity.”
And what he is looking forward to most about this internship?
“I look forward to learning financial modeling, and being able to fully understand the thought process of some of the strategies used to make a decision on whether to invest in a stock or not. I also look forward to hear about people’s experiences within the firm in order to learn and grow from them.”

Offseason Opportunities: Collin Barthel

Collin Barthel, Summer Analyst with Anthem Inc.

Barthel, an upcoming senior, is working in his hometown state of Indiana this summer.

“Over the new few months, I’ll be working as a Summer Analyst at Anthem Inc. in their Investment Management Group.”

So how did Barthel go about securing such a position?
“The way I approached trying to receive an opportunity like this was networking early in the year. My roommates/teammates and I were extremely proactive in doing our research and applying to internships that had strong upsides and ones we knew would help us in the future. This opportunity working in investments and learning about finance was the right fit for me.”
And what does he hope to gain?
“What I’m looking forward to the most is gaining a strong foundation in the finance industry and understanding what type of time commitment and work ethic is necessary in the world of investments and asset management.”

Offseason Opportunities: Ryan Shearmire

Ryan Shearmire, Intern with Lakeshore Food Advisors

Shearmire, a junior originally from West Linn, Oregon is sticking around Chicago this summer.

“This summer, I’m working as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Lakeshore Food Advisors, a boutique investment bank in Chicago that focuses on the food and agribusiness industry.”

So how come Shearmire choose this particular opportunity?
“I secured this internship by cold calling many, many investment banks. Most investment banks do not offer internships after sophomore year so I had to be proactive to receive an interview. I chose Lakeshore because I loved the small firm feel not only for its collegial atmosphere, but I feel I will learn the most at a leaner firm.”
And what is he most excited for?
“First and foremost I look forward to seeing if investment banking is right for me. But I’m also curious to learn not only the hard banking skills, but also the soft skills that I can use in any career in the future. Plus I love meeting new people and it will be nice to spend the summer in Chicago.”

Offseason Opportunities: Jake Fenlon

Jake Fenlon, Intern with Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Fenlon, now a senior, is heading home to Rochester, New York for a wealth management opportunity:

“This summer I am working in Wealth Management at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Rochester, NY and I am incredibly excited to join the team.”

And how did Fenlon find this internship?

“Well, securing an internship for this summer involved cold-emailing as many firms as I could. This particular opportunity, however, arose in a funny way. A few member of my family were eating out at a restaurant and they happened to meet a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch. After a quick conversation the advisor gave them his business card, I reached out to him, and the rest is history. So it actually ended up being a much easier process than I had anticipated.”

So what is Fenlon hoping to gain from the experience?


Offseason Opportunities: Erik Muelheims

Although summer may mark the end of the Maroons’ basketball season and school year, the guys are still making the best of their time off. Check out how the team is spending their next few months…

Erik Muelheims, Intern with Environment Washington/Washington Public Interest Research Group

A junior from Spokane, Washington, Muelheims will be working in Seattle this summer:

“This summer, I’m working with Environment Washington, and Washington Public Interest Research Group. I’ll be personally interning with Bruce Speight, the Executive Director, on three different campaigns.

First, is helping to get large food chain providers and their suppliers to stop overusing antibiotics on animals in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operators. 70% of antibiotics sold in the United States are to these operators who routinely use them to keep the animals healthy and for them to gain weight. This is a problem because it makes antibiotics less effective on humans and also polluting our water.

I’m also trying to get Washington Governor Jay Inslee and other legislators, to pass a bill that would force the state to get 10% of its total energy usage from the sun by 2025.

And lastly, I am going to help get rid of the use of neonicotinoids and other such insecticides that cause Colony Collapse Disorder in bee colonies.”

So why Enivornment Washington and Washington PIRG?

“I think they do a lot of great work in protecting the environment and citizens from unsafe business practices that could potentially endanger both environmental and human health.”

And what is Muelheims looking forward to most?

“Definitely getting some work experience in the environmental policy field and furthering my understanding of how it works. It will also be exciting to work in a big city, especially one so close to home.”

Maroons Prospect Camp: A Taste Of Collegiate Basketball

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Earlier this month, the Maroons held a pair of one-day prospect camps. There, high school students got to experience a taste of what collegiate basketball at the University of Chicago both looks and feels like; it was also a great chance for the campers and their families to learn about the university itself. The camps were hosted by head coach Mike McGrath and assistant coaches Jason Petti, Bryan Joel, Jonathan Chimino, Colin Chisholm and Rasheed Rosenje, as well as members of the team itself.

“Camp this year was a great success,” said coach McGrath. “The kids seemed to have a lot of fun, and most importantly, the coaching staff had the opportunity to both pass down some veteran knowledge on the game, plus answer any questions they may have had about attending school here. We were able to provide a look into college hoops, while showcasing what UChicago has to offer too.”

One camper, showed some love on the team’s official Twitter page.

Attendees ran practice drills, played full games, took campus tours and partook in information sessions hosted by the admissions office about things like the application process.

“Opportunities like these are a good way for us to extend information to others about first our men’s basketball program, but also the broader university environment. I think this is extremely valuable for the kids, and the best part is that they get to learn something while having fun.”

The Maroons will be holding a second camp in September, similar to this one. Here is what to expect:

And for more information closer to the date, check out UChicago’s athletic site:

A big thank you to everyone who came out to camp this summer. Maroon pride!