Senior Sendoff: Scott Herlihy

Scott Herlihy

Guard. 6-1. 180. Southbury, Connecticut.

What has been your favorite part of being a student at UChicago? And what about a part of UChicago’s men’s basketball team?

The thing I am most grateful for after being a student at the University of Chicago is the diversity of people and ideas that I have been exposed to. I think learning about different cultures and ways of thinking is extremely valuable in better understanding where my own views and beliefs fit into the world. My favorite part about being a member of the team has been the relationships I have developed with my teammates. I will never forget our trip to Australia and New Zealand together because it was a unique time in my life where I was able to simply travel the world with some of my best friends.

What is your favorite on-court memory? What about off the court, with teammates, etc.?

My favorite on-court memory was at NYU last year. Tyler picked up two fouls in the first minute or so, which paved the way for me to play more than I typically would and I went on to hit four 3’s in the first half. It was great experience to compete in a competitive environment in front of all the alumni who came to the game, as well as my friends and family who had made the trip to support me. Off the court, I will always remember the time when in the locker room coach McGrath announced in front of the team that I had officially walked-on. I had gotten to know the guys pretty well after playing open gyms with them for the month prior to that, so everyone was excited and congratulating me; it is a really great memory I probably won’t ever forget.

If you could change one thing about your time at UChicago, what would it be?

I would probably more thoughtfully consider all of the major options the university has to offer. It is a pretty overwhelming experience coming in, and I wish I had explored all possibilities a bit more thoroughly. I am interested in a lot of subjects from Political Science to Physics now that I wish I would have entertained more seriously earlier on.

Who did you enjoy playing against the most? (Team or individual player…)

Playing at NYU and at Brandeis was always my favorite since I am from Connecticut and I had a lot of friends and family kind enough to come to the games and support me.

What advice do you have for your freshmen teammates, moving forward? And what has been the best advice you’ve received from the coaching staff, other teammates, etc.?

My advice for my teammates with respect to basketball is to make the most of every time you get to put on a uniform/basketball jersey. There are only so many situations in life where you get to compete for a common goal with a group of people who really care about you. Coach McGrath and our alumni have preached that to us from the very beginning, and as my time here comes to an end it really does ring true. Beyond basketball I would recommend they really make the most out of all of the services the university has to offer. It is easy to get caught up in the demanding academic and athletic schedule and think that there is not enough time to do anything beyond that, but there are some very interesting clubs and organizations that, if you find one you really like, can serve as a great escape from the other obligations you have as a student-athlete.

Any last words?

I am very grateful for all of the opportunities that have been afforded to me, as both a student and an athlete at the University of Chicago. They would not have been possible without the help and support of my parents, so I’d like to take this opportunity to express to them how appreciative I am for all that they do and have done for me.


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