Saying Goodbye To…Scott Herlihy

Just two left to go…

Scott Herlihy

Herlihy walked onto the team in 2014, as a junior. His first year as a Maroon, he played in 24 games and averaged 2.5 points a matchup.

As a senior, the guard saw time in 23 contests. Averaging 3.4 points, 1.2 rebound and 1.0 assists in 11.8 minutes of play, Herlihy tied his career high 12 points and 5 rebounds.

During his two years on the UChicago men’s basketball team, the 6-1 walk-on averaged 3.0 points in 10.1 minutes on the court.

Although his time with the Maroons was short-lived, the experience still absolutely made an impact on Herlihy, as did attending UChicago.

“I will definitely miss the camaraderie that comes with being part of my team. We all get along really well and it will be hard adjusting to not seeing everyone as often as we have been fortunate enough to. I’m also going to miss the change that is inherent to an undergraduate experience. Every quarter you get the opportunity to take new classes with new teachers and learn different things and I am starting realize that may be something that I didn’t fully appreciate.”

He also wants to extend thanks to his family.

“I am very grateful for all of the opportunities that have been afforded to me as both a student and an athlete at the University of Chicago. They would not have been possible without the help and support of my parents so I’d like to take this opportunity to express to them how appreciative I am for all that they do and have done for me.”

So what does Herlihy have planned for the future?

“For now, I will be a software engineer at a trading firm in Chicago. I am not sure where I will be several years down the line, but hopefully I will be happy and healthy and living somewhere great.”

Here is to that, Scott! Best of luck to you, moving forward!



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