Offseason Opportunities: Erik Muelheims

Although summer may mark the end of the Maroons’ basketball season and school year, the guys are still making the best of their time off. Check out how the team is spending their next few months…

Erik Muelheims, Intern with Environment Washington/Washington Public Interest Research Group

A junior from Spokane, Washington, Muelheims will be working in Seattle this summer:

“This summer, I’m working with Environment Washington, and Washington Public Interest Research Group. I’ll be personally interning with Bruce Speight, the Executive Director, on three different campaigns.

First, is helping to get large food chain providers and their suppliers to stop overusing antibiotics on animals in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operators. 70% of antibiotics sold in the United States are to these operators who routinely use them to keep the animals healthy and for them to gain weight. This is a problem because it makes antibiotics less effective on humans and also polluting our water.

I’m also trying to get Washington Governor Jay Inslee and other legislators, to pass a bill that would force the state to get 10% of its total energy usage from the sun by 2025.

And lastly, I am going to help get rid of the use of neonicotinoids and other such insecticides that cause Colony Collapse Disorder in bee colonies.”

So why Enivornment Washington and Washington PIRG?

“I think they do a lot of great work in protecting the environment and citizens from unsafe business practices that could potentially endanger both environmental and human health.”

And what is Muelheims looking forward to most?

“Definitely getting some work experience in the environmental policy field and furthering my understanding of how it works. It will also be exciting to work in a big city, especially one so close to home.”


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