Offseason Opportunities: Ryan Shearmire

Ryan Shearmire, Intern with Lakeshore Food Advisors

Shearmire, a junior originally from West Linn, Oregon is sticking around Chicago this summer.

“This summer, I’m working as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Lakeshore Food Advisors, a boutique investment bank in Chicago that focuses on the food and agribusiness industry.”

So how come Shearmire choose this particular opportunity?
“I secured this internship by cold calling many, many investment banks. Most investment banks do not offer internships after sophomore year so I had to be proactive to receive an interview. I chose Lakeshore because I loved the small firm feel not only for its collegial atmosphere, but I feel I will learn the most at a leaner firm.”
And what is he most excited for?
“First and foremost I look forward to seeing if investment banking is right for me. But I’m also curious to learn not only the hard banking skills, but also the soft skills that I can use in any career in the future. Plus I love meeting new people and it will be nice to spend the summer in Chicago.”

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