Offseason Opportunities: Waller Perez

Waller Perez, Summer Intern with Ariel Investments
Perez, now a senior, is working in Chicago this summer.
“This summer I have acquired an internship with Ariel Investments. And fortunately, I was placed in Equity Research within the internship program.”
So why Ariel Investments?
“I chose this particular internship first, because it was in Chicago. Also, I believe it is going to give me an immense opportunity to learn about how to provide a recommendation in order to buy/sell a stock. Overall, I knew some of the skills I would learn could be applicable to other areas in finance likewise. I was able to secure this internship through networks within our basketball program and I am very thankful for this opportunity.”
And what he is looking forward to most about this internship?
“I look forward to learning financial modeling, and being able to fully understand the thought process of some of the strategies used to make a decision on whether to invest in a stock or not. I also look forward to hear about people’s experiences within the firm in order to learn and grow from them.”

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