Get To Know: Mattia Colangelo

Who? Mattia Colangelo. Guard. 6-3. 175. No. 32.

From? Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

High school? Upper Canada College.

Studying? Economics.

“Mattia can really shoot and we love how well he elevates on his shot. He is a good jumper and will only get more athletic as he matures physically. He also has a good feel for how to play the game.” -Coach Mike McGrath.

What is your favorite sneaker of all time? My favorite basketball shoes of all time are the Kobe 4s. They are the first basketball shoes I remember lacing up and playing in and they still hold up to this day as a great shoe.” 

What sealed the deal on you coming to play basketball for UChicago? The combination of a great basketball program and outstanding academics is something that cannot be found at many other schools in the world. When also considering the proximity to the amazing city of Chicago, it was an easy decision.” 

What is your favorite thing about Hyde Park, so far? “A Chipotle and Five Guys within walking distance.” 

What NBA player(s) would you compare your game to? “Personally, I see my game as a combination of Steph Curry, Lebron James and a hint of Joel Embiid.” 

What is your favorite meal ever? “My aunt’s fried chicken and french fries has to be my favorite meal.”

What class at UChicago are you most looking forward to taking? “I’m really excited to take my first Economics class at UChicago.”

Assemble a dream team starting five of current NBA players…

PG: Steph Curry – brings unbelievable shooting and passing to any team, and creates mismatches that are unguardable 

SG: Kawhi Leonard – can defend elite point guards in order to hide Curry on someone else, and brings an elite all around game to the table

SF: Kevin Durant – one of the greatest scorers of all time and can fit in on any team 

PF: LeBron James – Probably the greatest all around player of all time, makes everyone around him much better

C: Karl Anthony Towns – This second year center can do it all on the court and is already the best center in the NBA”

What is the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from your teammates going into your first season? “Manage your time wisely.”

What is your favorite basketball moment so far in your life? “My high school basketball team winning a game to qualify for the provincial championship, for the first time in school history.” 

What television show could you binge watch forever? “House of Cards is my all-time favorite TV show, and I could watch it all day.” 


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