Get To Know: Jake Berhorst

Who? Jake Berhorst. Guard. 6-2. 180. No. 23.

From? Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

High school? Badger.

Studying? Economics.

“Jake has a nice combination offensively between his shooting ability and ability to get to the basket. He handles the ball well and has good quickness which allows him to create for others.” -Coach Mike McGrath.

What sealed the deal on you coming to play basketball for UChicago? “The great group of guys within the program, the incredible academics, and the diverse opportunities offered through the city are three of the main things that sealed the deal on me coming to UChicago.”

What is your favorite thing about Hyde Park, so far? “My favorite thing about Hyde Park so far would have to be the food, we can go out to eat somewhere new every night if we wanted to.”

What NBA player(s) would you compare your game to? “My game can probably best be described as a mix between Peja Stojakovic and Steve Nash.”

What is your favorite meal ever? “My favorite meal ever would have to be ham-steak, corn, and potatoes (S/O Mom).” 

What class at UChicago are you most looking forward to taking?  “I am most excited to begin taking Econ classes to start settling into my major and gaining knowledge that can supplement my career.”

What is the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from your teammates going into your first season? “I’m not sure if I could narrow it down to one piece of advice from my teammates, but they have been extremely helpful and resourceful when it comes to any questions we might have for them.”

What television show could you binge watch forever? “Grey’s Anatomy.”

What is your favorite sneaker of all time? “Air Force Ones (S/O Ryan Shearmire).”

Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat? “SnapChat: thejakeberhorst.”

Do you have any weird pregame rituals? “A weird part about my pregame ritual is that I have never really had a set pregame ritual. I kind of just go with the flow of the day and prepare for the game as best as I can.”


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