Month: May 2017

2017 Maroons Prospect Camp

This past weekend, the Maroons held a pair of one-day prospect camps, geared towards high school juniors and seniors. Hosted by head coach Mike McGrath, assistant coaches Jason Petti and Bryan Joel and the men’s basketball team, ¬†the camp served as a way to learn about collegiate basketball here at the University of Chicago, as well as the university itself.

“Last weekend was a tremendous success,” said coach McGrath. “The campers seemed to really enjoy themselves, while also learning a great amount from the coaching staff and team. We made sure to pass down some knowledge about playing college basketball and answered questions they may have had about attending school as a Maroon;¬†we wanted to provide a look into both our program and UChicago as a whole. I believe this is of utmost importance for the kids, and they get to have fun while learning something valuable.”

On a basketball level, the kids participated in practice drills and played full games.

“Our prospect camp is great opportunity for guys to get a sense of how they match up against other potential college basketball players,” explains junior guard Jake Fenlon. “Additionally, by running the same drills we do everyday in practice, the campers are able to get a feel for what collegiate basketball is really all about. From understanding what it takes to be able to score within a college offense, to developing defensively, our camp activities serve as a way to educate high school players on what is potentially to come.”

However, they also took a tour of the campus and attended information sessions hosted by the admissions office, about things such as the application process.

“Attending our camp is a great way for kids to learn about the unique culture here at UChicago,” says freshman guard Jordan Baum. “It also lets guys see the campus that may not have had the opportunity to otherwise, on top of getting first-hand information from the admissions staff. They also get to meet the team and ask questions about what the school is like, and how to best transition to life as a collegiate student-athlete.”

The camp certainly served as a tool for parents to learn more too.

The Maroons want to extend a huge thank you to all of the players and their families, for coming out and spending a part of their weekend in Ratner Athletics Center. The program will be hosting a second weekend of camp in September, although dates have yet to be set. For more information closer to the fall, visit our website at: 

And for a look back at some of the best moments from this round of camp, check out the slideshow¬†below…

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Maroon Pride!