Senior Sendoff: Tyler Howard

Today, it is time for Tyler Howard to do a little reflecting on the last four years…

Tyler Howard, No. 11, Guard


What has been the best part about being a member of the Maroons?

Making lifelong friendships with such an amazing group of guys, and being able to travel the country (and world) with them. We had some unbelievable experiences together, that I will remember for the rest of my life.

What about of being a UChicago student?

The most rewarding aspect about being a student at UChicago is the exposure to so many brilliant people from around the world, and listening to their unique perspectives and beliefs. The discussions with my peers and faculty members have been instrumental to my growth as a person over the last four years.

Of all the time you’ve spent playing over the last four years, what is your favorite on-court memory?

My favorite on-court memory is actually a game I didn’t play in, when sophomore Noah Karras broke the school record and made 11 three’s against Case at home! It was amazing to see him step up and put the team on his back. Every time he shot a three, the entire gym thought it was going in, and it was awesome celebrating with the guys on the bench after each one.

And how about when it comes to off-the-court, with teammates?

I would say the entire Australia/New Zealand trip was the best two weeks of my life. My favorite memories from that trip always started when the song ‘Energy’ by Drake came on… it always put us in the right mindset to keep our energy up throughout the trip, even if we were exhausted!

Is there a certain matchup you’ve always looked forward to?

When I was a freshman, I loved being on WashU’s scout team because their offense was a blast and I always had the green light to shoot! Throughout my career, my favorite in-practice matchup has been with my arch-nemesis: Alex Goose Gustafson. We always matched up when we played one-on-one, and during shooting drills we kept track of our made shots to make it a competition. Even with one leg, Goose always gave me a run for my money! I also can’t forget to mention the rivalry I had my senior year with freshman Cole Schmitz. Cole was much more skilled and physically gifted than I was, so whenever we matched up, I used my veteran instinct and mental edge to gain the advantage… I’m excited to see if he uses any of the moves I taught him next season!

What is the best piece of advice you’ve gotten, during your time as a Maroon?

There are so many incredible words of wisdom passed down from alums over the years, but I think the one that will stick with me the most is something my good friend Adam Butterfield once told me: “call everyone’s bluff.”

What words of wisdom do you have for the teammates you’re leaving behind?

Enjoy every moment with your teammates!

What will you miss most about UChicago, as a whole?

I’ll miss seeing my teammates and friends everyday, and having the freedom to decide what I do with my schedule.

Looking back, is there anything you’d do differently here?

I wouldn’t change a thing!

Any last words?

I can’t thank my parents and family enough for all their support throughout my basketball career, and my time as student. Without them, there is no way I would be where I am today.


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