Month: August 2017

Offseason Opportunities: Collin Barthel

No. 2, Collin Barthel, Intern at BNP Paribas

A senior from Indianapolis, Indiana, Collin Barthel took his talents to New York City this summer.

“Currently, I’m working in Sales & Trading at BNP Paribas in New York City. My responsibilities there include daily market reports, specific sector research, and presenting trade ideas to the team.”

So how did the forward end up there?

“I landed this opportunity through a network of athletes from the University of Chicago. There were a couple of current and former football and baseball players that helped me get my foot in the door. And the bank itself has a great culture, with a good balance of excitement and competition, which seemed like a perfect fit for me.”

What does Barthel love most about the position?

“My favorite part of the job so far has been the fast paced environment, as well as generally just getting more exposure to the finance industry. I’ve truly enjoyed meeting everyone at the company too, and extending my business network to people I never thought I’d be able to meet.”

The senior certainly credits UChicago for allowing him to network within his field.

“Being a UChicago student has helped me tremendously in networking, and ultimately being able to meet with the right people. It has also taught me how important it is to study my craft so I can prepare for whatever may happen in my business career, down the line.”

But you better believe he is also preparing for the 2017-18 season.

“Although I’ve been rather busy with my internship this summer, I still made sure to join a gym out in NYC in order to stay in shape for the upcoming season. My teammates and I are all really excited to get back and start things up again.”


Offseason Opportunities: Justin Jackson

A junior from Marietta, Georgia, Justin Jackson spent the first part of his summer as a public service intern.
“Earlier this offseason, I worked with the city of Chicago in the department of buildings as a public service intern. Some of my main responsibilities included helping make sure the city maintains sound policy that optimizes the use of all the buildings in the cities jurisdiction, as well as communicating with tenants and private and public corporations on changes in building codes.”

Offseason Opportunities: Noah Karras

No. 5, Noah Karras, Intern for Chicago CRED

A junior from Lake Forest, Illinois, Noah Karras is hard at work in Chicago this summer.

“This summer, I’m working as an Intern for Chicago CRED. CRED is an acronym for ‘creating real economic destiny.’ It was started by Arne Duncan as an organization to combat the staggering gun violence going on in the city of Chicago, funded by the philanthropic organization Emerson Collective in California, begun by Lauren Powell Jobs, Steve Job’s widow.

Chicago CRED is currently working with After School Matters, a non-profit organization that provides life-changing after-school and summer program opportunities to more than 15,000 Chicago high school teens each year. There is a program in place which I’m a part of called Peacemakers, designed to teach teens how to promote peace in their community. Peacemakers is led by both instructors and interns like myself, and helps participants learn a basic set of teammate and communication skills, to better achieve their goals of peace.”

So why did the guard choose CRED?
“I really love being able to work with these teens, not just mentoring them in a specific topic, but also hopefully having a positive impact on their lives as a whole. I also deeply care about the city of Chicago and the people that live in it, so this is a perfect way to try and give back to both.”
But Karras is also committed to staying in shape this offseason.
“On top of working with CRED, I also lifeguard on the weekends. I’m the head lifeguard at the pool I work at, so I’m counted on being in top condition. This, along with playing in a men’s summer basketball league, is helping me physically prepare for next season. The league also allows me to play against college guys, ultimately letting me keep up with the pace and level of competition we will be facing in 2017-18.”

Offseason Opportunities: Jake Fenlon

No.14, Jake Fenlon, Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Credit Suisse

A senior from Rochester, New York, Jake Fenlon is making things happen back home this summer.

“This summer I’m working at Credit Suisse in New York, as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst in the Mergers & Acquisitions group. Here, we essentially help our clients either sell their business or buy another one. When it comes to my day-to-day work, this consists of financial modeling, putting together presentation materials for potential buyers of our clients’ businesses, and various other tasks that assist the M&A process.”

So how did the guard land at Credit Suisse?

“I spent my summers after freshman and sophomore years interning at different finance-related firms. My goal was to learn about different aspects of the industry and gain experience that would help qualify me for whatever it was that I wanted to pursue after college. Ultimately, I’ve decided on investment banking because I believe being an analyst at an investment bank is a great opportunity to both learn a lot, and build a solid foundational skill set out of undergrad. Over the last several weeks I’ve learned so much and thus far, my internship experience has confirmed that I do want to pursue this upon graduation.”

And what does he like best there?

“I love working hard and being challenged, which I think makes me a good fit for banking. I’m constantly learning new things on the job and very rarely get bored. It’s an exciting, fast-paced work place, and I’ve really enjoyed it so far.”
Fenlon certainly credits his time at UChicago for helping him gain such great opportunities.

“Investment banking is a pretty competitive industry to break into, as there are more qualified applicants than there are positions available… but attending a school like UChicago exponentially increases one’s chances of landing such an opportunity. Firms love recruiting undergrads at UChicago because they know that we have experienced a rigorous academic curriculum and we are comfortable being challenged. Being a student-athlete in particular, I am comfortable being constantly busy and having very little free time to myself, which is what the lifestyle is in this field.

At this point in my life, I could not be more thankful to my 17-year-old self for deciding to attend UChicago. It has contributed both directly and indirectly to many of the opportunities that I’ve been fortunate enough to take advantage of, over the last few years.”

The fourth-year is also making sure to stay in shape this summer.
“Although being an Investment Banking Summer Analyst has kept me extremely busy, I have also done my best to keep up with my strength and conditioning regiment. This includes focusing on both cardio and lifting. Additionally, I try to hoop a couple of times a week, to keep developing my skill-set on the court. The good news is, my internship actually ends six weeks before the start of fall quarter, so I’ll be able to completely zero-in on preparing for the upcoming season then.”