Ryan Shearmire

Offseason Opportunities: Ryan Shearmire

No. 30, Ryan Shearmire, Investment Banking Analyst at Lazard

A senior from West Linn, Oregon, Ryan Shearmire is spending his offseason in Chicago.

“This summer, I’m working at Lazard as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst. My main responsibility is to assist the team with mergers and acquisitions transactions.

Last summer I worked in investment banking and I enjoyed my first taste of the business, so I knew I wanted to work in the industry again this time around. Throughout the recruitment process, I was impressed by the people I spoke with at Lazard and felt that this would be a good place for me to learn and grow, moving forward.”

So what has been the forward’s favorite part of this opportunity so far?

“I’ve really enjoyed the everyday challenge that the position itself entails… however, my favorite part of the job is learning every day from the Lazard team. I have an enormous amount to soak in, but I feel that I’ve started off on the right foot with the help of my co-workers taking an interest in my development.”

And how does Shearmire think his time at UChicago has helped him prepare for the role?

“Being a student-athlete at UChicago has given me vital skills in time management and discipline, as well as continuing to learn to put the team and your teammates above yourself. In addition, the overall environment of being around the people at the university, has been crucial in broadening my world view, and I have learned so much from my fellow students and teammates.”

The fourth year has also made preparing for the 2017-18 season a priority this summer.

“My teammates and I have made it a priority to continue to get better throughout the summer, so that we can hit the ground running when we get back to campus in the fall. We couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming season and people will see that our work during the offseason has paid huge dividends.”


Offseason Opportunities: Ryan Shearmire

Ryan Shearmire, Intern with Lakeshore Food Advisors

Shearmire, a junior originally from West Linn, Oregon is sticking around Chicago this summer.

“This summer, I’m working as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Lakeshore Food Advisors, a boutique investment bank in Chicago that focuses on the food and agribusiness industry.”

So how come Shearmire choose this particular opportunity?
“I secured this internship by cold calling many, many investment banks. Most investment banks do not offer internships after sophomore year so I had to be proactive to receive an interview. I chose Lakeshore because I loved the small firm feel not only for its collegial atmosphere, but I feel I will learn the most at a leaner firm.”
And what is he most excited for?
“First and foremost I look forward to seeing if investment banking is right for me. But I’m also curious to learn not only the hard banking skills, but also the soft skills that I can use in any career in the future. Plus I love meeting new people and it will be nice to spend the summer in Chicago.”

Q&A With Ryan Shearmire


Ryan Shearmire, #30, Forward, 6’5, 215, Freshman, West Linn (Oregon).

Q: If you could only listen to one album for the next month, what would it be?

A: Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) by the Wu-Tang Clan. 

Q: What is your favorite sneaker of all time?

A: Nike Air Force 1.

Q: What is the best thing about your game, and what still needs improvement?

A: The best thing about my game is my passing and my pregame handshakes, I need to improve on my ball handling, shooting, defense, and rebounding. 

Q: What character from a television show or movie would you want to be best friends with and why?

A: Mark Cuban from Shark Tank because he’s living the life.

 Q: What do you love most about the game of basketball?

A: Being with the team.

Q: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

A: “You are never going to play in the NBA, study up,” -my dad.

 Q: What is your basketball goal for this season?

A: Win as many games as possible.

 Q: Where is your favorite place to eat in Hyde Park?

A: Harold’s.

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